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Wise Freight Forwarders Private Limited naissance roots in the dream of serving for Indian company.Attend by the high-speed economy development in India, Wise Freight makes the best of resource comes from Indian company and shipping company, and then achieves a favorable development.

At present, on the basis of headquarter in Chennai, we have already established our branch in Mumbai, Delhi, Kolkatta, Hyderabad, Bangalore, Tuticorin. We will widely use the strength of Indian clients, partners, shipping companies and our colleagues, enhance and extend our service on and on.

Wise Freight will keep on trying hard to create a good working and learning surroundings, offer a good developing platform for our colleagues, and let them to work more actively and happily. At the same time, we will enhance our professional ethics and specialty diathesis to provide more comprehensive, more particular, more considerate and safer service to global Indian company.

In order to strengthen understanding one another and better communication between India and other countries Wise Freight warmly welcome abroad staffs. Our purpose is that we can build a big stage for exhibiting Indian Freight Company when we provide high quality service to global companies.

Wise Freight will always consider more than client's need, use the operation of systematization, standardization and humanism, integrate with modern Electronic Commerce, found database in main seaports, cooperate but not compete to exploit more and more new clients for business, and then together with more company and individual to make our common dreams come true.